longsdonThere has been an Old Colfeians’ organisation since the Rev. W Hook Longsdon organised the first ‘past vs present’ cricket match on Saturday 28 June 1884 on Blackheath, by Hollyhedge House.

Colfe’s School (founded by the Rev. Abraham Colfe in 1652) has had an interest in the current site at Horn Park since 1902. Today, the school is the Freeholder of Horn Park, which remains the ancestral home of Colfeians worldwide.

The activities of ‘Old Colfeians’ are coordinated through the Old Colfeian Society, whose membership comprises former pupils over the age of 16 and all current and former staff of Colfe’s School. The OCS supports the endeavours of the Colfeian Sports Clubs, Horn Park and other Colfeian entities.

For more information, visit www.colfesalumni.org.uk