Old Colfeians FC Past Players Lunch

Saturday 17th March 2018 – 12.00 pm onwards
Please note that the above annual event will be held in the clubhouse sports bar on the above date, and after the success of last year, we see absolutely no reason not to follow the usual format;
12 o’clock meet with complimentary bar until funds expire, with titbits served until the main buffet opens around 1:30, followed by England vs Ireland.

We do hope the date is convenient and you can afford the £25 per head entrance fee. The majority of attendees are those who played in the seventies and eighties but it would be great to see any new faces. This year we unfortunately clash with high-flying Charlton’s home fixture against Fleetwood Town and if you choose this alternative source of entertainment for your Saturday afternoon please feel free to drop in at the club afterwards to meet old friends and celebrate a marvellous victory/ drown your sorrows* (*delete as applicable).

Please if you have not already done so let Mick Harvey (theharve57@hotmail.com) know by email if you can attend